Nutritional Anthropology

The Bond Effect
The science and art of living the way nature intended

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Healthy Cooking with the Bond Girl
A discovery of the style of healthy eating that is in harmony with the Natural Eating precepts developed by nutritional anthropologist Geoff Bond.

These dishes are for everyone! Whether or not you decide to eat the Natural Eating way, you can be sure that these dishes, some of which are from Nicole's cookbook Healthy Harvest, will be the healthiest and tastiest that you can offer to your family and guests. – Enjoy!


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Nutritional Anthropology's Bible:



Geoff Bond

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Healthy Harvest Information Page

Cocktail Nibbles

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Artichoke Hearts and Sardine Pâté Canapés  Nibbles Palm heart nibbles

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Sliced mushroom in lemon juice Smoked salmon and asparagus Palm Hearts, radish and more Cocktail ensemble: including sparkling dry wine, Nicole's olive loaf, raw nuts, Nicole's Christmas cookies, dried apricots and figs (well - it is Christmas!)

Special Menus

Bond Paleo Lunch at Archontiko Papadopoulou Restaurant, Kornos, Cyprus





1 Hoki Hotpot

2 Hunters Stew

3 Fruit Clafoutis

4 Chia Banana Cookie




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